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Application for a chaperone licence

Being a chaperone in the entertainment industry is an interesting and rewarding role. There are many different areas of the entertainment world where children are employed, all requiring appropriate supervision by chaperones.

The role of the local authority is to ensure that children who are licensed to perform are appropriately supervised. We do this by approving and licensing chaperones so that they can care for the children who are undertaking work in the entertainment industry.

The London Borough of Barnet seeks the highest standards of professionalism to ensure children are safeguarded. CRB clearance, positive references and a successful interview are required before issuing a chaperone’s licence.

As a licensed chaperone, you will effectively be carrying out the local authority’s responsibility for the care of children in entertainment.

Please note that the information you provide will be checked against Education Welfare and Social Care databases as part of our commitment to the safeguarding of children.

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