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Working together for Barnet

We want to make sure that our residents and businesses know about and understand our Corporate Plan 2015 – 2020, what it means for Barnet and the people who live here. The plan sets out how and what we are going to do to continue to make Barnet a great place to live and work for many years to come, while still meeting our financial challenges. We have a budget gap of £81 million to deal with by 2020. 

We know your neighbourhood is important to you, and we’ll continue to prioritise the things that make the biggest difference to where you live. Our focus will be on keeping the streets clean, safe, and cared for, helping you to recycle more, and investing in looking after your roads and pavements. To do this we plan to work with you to see how we can share responsibility for keeping Barnet’s neighbourhoods, including our treasured parks and green spaces, among the best in London.

We’re looking at what Barnet’s growing population will need in the future, and millions of pounds are being invested to enhance what needs improving in the borough, while protecting what’s valued.  We’re working together with our development partners to manage growth responsibly by creating new houses, jobs and opportunities to secure Barnet’s future.  We also want to Barnet to be the best place in London to be a small business.

We want to help our residents to have a good quality of life.  For some this means delivering efficient services that are also good value for you as taxpayers; but for others it means helping to improve your health and wellbeing and take care of your family – by providing the right skills, information and advice. 

We recognise that to do things better – to make sure we can provide the valued services you rely on and meet our financial challenges – we need to work together more closely with our residents, businesses, community groups and partners.  Increasingly we will be asking everyone to play a more active and joined up role to make sure we secure a great future for Barnet together.

You can read the full version of the Corporate Plan here, but these pages should give you an idea of the key areas we will be working on, what has been delivered already, what you can expect to see in the future and how you can get involved.

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