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Corporate plan and performance

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The Council’s Corporate Plan for 2015-20 sets our vision and strategy for the next five years based on the core principles of fairness, responsibility and opportunity to make sure Barnet is a place:

  • of opportunity, where people can further their quality of life
  • where people are helped to help themselves, recognising that prevention is better than cure
  • where responsibility is shared, fairly
  • where services are delivered efficiently to get value for money for the taxpayer

The most up to date information on the Corporate Plan can be found in the 2018/19 Addendum to the Corporate Plan. 

2018/19 Addendum to the Corporate Plan

The 2018/19 addendum was approved at Council on 6 March 2018.  The 'top 15' priorities for 2018/19 are:

  •          Children’s Services Improvement Plan
  •          Implementing strength-based practice
  •          Integrating local health and social care
  •          Regenerating Brent Cross Cricklewood
  •          Increasing the housing supply, including Colindale
  •          Helping people into work
  •          Delivering the family-friendly Barnet vision
  •          Safer communities
  •          Tackling issues with domestic violence, mental health and substance misuse
  •          Modernising environmental services
  •          Delivering highways improvements
  •          Building compliance and fire safety
  •          Implementing The Way We Work programme.
  •          Continuing to improve Customer Services
  •          Medium and long term financial planning

2017/18 Addendum to the Corporate Plan

The council identified five corporate priorities which are summarised below:

  • Delivering quality services
  • Responsible growth, regeneration and investment
  • Building resilience in residents and managing demand
  • Transforming local services
  • Promoting community engagement, facilitating independence and building community capacity.

2016/17 Addendum to the Corporate Plan

Each year, the Council will publish an addendum to the Corporate Plan which sets out updated targets for the year ahead.  The 2016/17 update was agreed at Full Council on 4 April 2016.

In addition to the Corporate Plan, each Theme Committee has a Commissioning Plan that sets out the strategic priorities and performance measures for each Committee.  Similarly to the Corporate Plan, each year, the Council will publish an addendum for each Commissioning Plan which sets out updated targets for the year ahead.  The 2016/17 updates were agreed by Theme Committees during March 2016.

Each of the Council’s in-house Delivery Units has a Management Agreement that sets out the actions for delivering the relevant sections of the Commissioning Plans, along with key indicators to help monitor performance

Each quarter's performance data is also published on the Council's data portal open.barnet.gov.uk.

Strategic perfomance reports 2018-19

Council performance 2017-18

Council performance 2016-17

Council performance 2015-16

Corporate performance indicators 2014-15

Corporate Plan for 2013–2016

Corporate performance indicators 2013-14

Corporate performance indicators 2012-13

Glossary of terms used in the quarterly performance reports

To find out more details on targets, you can check the reports submitted to the council's Performance and Contract Management committee:

Performance and Contract Management Committee

Prior to Quarter 3 2013-14, performance monitoring reports were presented to the Cabinet Resources Committee and the Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


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  • Email: performance@barnet.gov.uk

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