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Council Tax Support

  • Council tax and benefits

You may be eligible to reduce your Council Tax bill by up to 100% if you’re on a low income or claim benefits.

You can apply if you own your home, rent, are unemployed or working.

What you get depends on:

  • your circumstances, for example income, number of children, benefits, residency status
  • your household income - this includes savings, pensions and your partner’s income
  • if your children live with you
  • if other adults live with you

Council Tax Support (sometimes called Council Tax Reduction) replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013. You can download a copy of our current  Council Tax Support scheme below.

How to apply for Council Tax Support


  • Benefit Services

  • London Borough of Barnet, PO Box 2015, Pershore, WR10 9BG
  • Tel: 020 8359 2000
  • Email: benefits@barnet.gov.uk

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