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Welfare Reform

  • Council tax and benefits

Social housing under occupation

Under occupation in the social sector, the Government is changing the rules relating to Housing Benefit for all working-age tenants renting from Barnet Homes, registered housing associations or other registered social landlords. For further information on Social Under Occupancy.

Benefits cap

A limit will be put on the total amount of benefit that most people aged 16 to 64 can get. This is called a Benefit Cap. It was rolled out nationally from April 2013.

Local Housing Allowance (LHA)

LHA rates were frozen in April 2012 at the 30th percentile rate and will now be linked to CPI. This means they may lag further behind actual rents as rents have been going up at a higher rate than CPI. This means there could be a further gap between the maximum housing benefit and actual rent.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new single payment for people who are looking for work or on a low income.

Personal Independence Payment

From the 8th April 2013 DLA was replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for people aged 16 to 64. For further information on Personal Independence Payment.

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