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Noise and music from pubs, clubs, buskers and ventilation systems

Amplified music or noise from business premises


Noise originating from restaurants, pubs and clubs can be very annoying and disturbing to others if it is uncontrolled and exceeds reasonable levels.

Residents must be prepared to experience some inconvenience if they live near to a pub or club. We will investigate if this noise become intolerable, for example, if late night music prevents residents from going to sleep.

If we believe there is a breach of a premises licence or if they are operating without one then we will refer this onto the Licensing team.

Flues, extraction systems, air conditioning units

Complaints surrounding restaurant extraction systems, air conditions units and refrigerating units are dealt with by the ScientificTeam in Environmental Health.


Busking is neither licensed nor prohibited in Barnet. A person may busk provided they do not cause a nuisance.

It is possible for an amplified busker to cause a noise nuisance to a commercial premises, although this is unusual. Assessment will be based using the background noise of the premises working environment.

Report a noise problem

Make sure you read the advice above before you report a noise problem.


Report a noise problem online

During normal office hours

Telephone 020 8359 7995

Outside of normal office hours

After hours, please call 0208 359 2000 option 2 or 07958 513 459 at the following times:

  • Wednesday 8pm to Thursday 1am
  • Friday 8pm to Saturday 4am
  • Saturday 12pm to Sunday 4am
  • Sunday 10am to Monday 3am

Please do not contact the mobile number via text message as we are unable to respond.

If the noise is happening at the time of your call an officer will aim to visit you or at least respond to your call within one hour.

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