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Reserve a library item

You can ask us for any book, CD, DVD, large print or audiobook item.

If we stock it, you can reserve it for free. We will email you to confirm your reservation, and to let you know when it is available for you to collect. Your library account will also show this reservation when you view it online. 

If we do not stock the item you have requested, we will email to ask if you want us to obtain it from another library, which will cost between £3 and £5.40 depending on the charge made by the supplying library. Journal articles can be ordered directly from the British Library for a small fee.

To complete this form you will need:

  • Some information about the item you want - for example title and author
  • Your library membership number and your email address (although if you are logged into My Account, these form fields will be automatically completed for you) 
To complete this form will take:
2 minutes

If you need help with this form you can access the Frequently Asked Questions

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