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Latest Update - Bin Collections

Update - Thursday 6 December 1pm

We’re sorry that a number of residents continue to experience issues with the new waste and recycling collections, meaning their bins have not been collected as scheduled. We are continuing to work hard to fix these issues, and we have additional crews working to carry out the outstanding collections. These crews will again be out over the weekend.

Crews are still familiarising themselves with the new routes, meaning it is taking longer to complete the collection rounds. More rounds have been successfully completed and this will continue to improve next week.

Understandably, we have received a high number of customer enquiries about the collections and we are working to remedy these as quickly as possible. Please continue to bear with us, and thank you for your patience.

The Leader of Barnet Council, Councillor Richard Cornelius, said: “I would like to say sorry to those residents who have experienced problems with the new waste and recycling collections. Please let me reassure residents in Barnet that we are doing our absolute utmost to get this right. The crews are out familiarising themselves with what are essentially brand-new collection routes. 

“I believe we have turned a corner - and that we will start to see a further improvement as we head into next week and the weeks beyond.

“People have asked me why change something that was working well. The reason is that we need to make the rounds more efficient, and to reflect changes that have taken place in Barnet over the last 15 years. We collect around 350,000 bins every week, so while we expect some issues when embedding change of this scale, I recognise that this is a real issue for residents when even a small number of collections are missed.

“We have additional crews working from very early until late to try and ensure that any outstanding collections are made and to get back to having an effective collections service.

“Once again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.”

If your bin has not been emptied as scheduled, please leave it at the boundary of your property and we will collect it as soon as possible.

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