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Resident parking permit prices have changed 

The following prices will used to calculate your resident parking permit.

gCo2 bands have changed:

  • If you have a diesel car, you will be charged £10 per car on top of the relevant price band.
  • If you have more than one household car, you will be charged an additional £10 for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th permits in that household.
Permit type Emissions band Cost  Diesel surcharge Additional car surcharge (2nd, 3rd, 4th permit)
Resident Green annual permit: gCo2 emissions 110 or below Free of charge  +£10 per vehicle +£10 per vehicle
Resident Lower band emissions permit: gCo2 emissions of  111 – 150 £45  +£10 per vehicle +£10 per vehicle
Resident Middle band emissions permit: gCo2 emissions of  151 – 200 £52.50  +£10 per vehicle +£10 per vehicle
Resident Higher band emissions permit:  gCo2 emissions of 201 and above £85 +£10 per vehicle +£10 per vehicle


Renew a residents permit online

With our new PIN number system, renewing could not be easier, renew your permit online. You need your permit and PIN, which will be posted to you around 4 weeks before your expiry date. Or call us on 0208 359 7446 or login into My Account to retrieve these details.

Renew a residents permit

Apply for a new residents parking permit

Barnet Council has introduced electronic permits and a new pricing structure based on car emissions.

To apply for a parking permit online you will need:

  • Your vehicle registration
  • A valid email address
  • Your V5 log book or your insurance schedule – in pdf or jpeg format only (one of these will need to be uploaded to the application)
  • Your credit or debit card details – We do not accept AMEX

Apply for your parking permit online.

Request a PIN or permit number

Log into your "My Account"

Go to 'parking and travel' from the menu, and then to 'I've forgotten my PIN' and your PIN will be emailed to you shortly.

If you haven't signed up for a My Account, then register below.

 Register for My Account

Please note you will need Internet Explorer 9 to 11. If you use Internet Explorer 8 or less  download Google Chrome or call us on 0208 359 7446 and we can complete the application on your behalf.

Permit price based on car emissions


Band 1: <110 gCo2

Band 2: 111 – 200 gCo2

Band 3: 200 > gCo2

1st Vehicle




2nd Vehicle


3rd Vehicle


4th Vehicle


Electric Cars


To check the emissions of your vehicle you can visit  the DVLA website or  www.autocheck.uk.experian.com.

Please call 0208 359 7446 if you have any questions.

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