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Parking Enforcement

  • Parking, roads and pavements

Parking restrictions

Civil Enforcement Officers (formerly known as parking attendants) enforce the following parking restrictions on Barnet’s roads:

  • yellow-lined waiting and loading restrictions
  • permit parking bays (e.g. resident, business, disabled and doctor permit bays)
  • council-run public car parks
  • the London-wide prohibition on parking on footways and verges
  • a borough-wide overnight commercial vehicle waiting restriction
  • mandatory school keep clear markings
  • pedestrian crossing zigzags
  • motorcycle parking areas
  • loading places
  • restricted bus stops
  • re-parking in the same parking bay within an hour of leaving (no return within 1 hour restriction)
  • parking adjacent to a dropped kerb
  • parking more than 50 cm from the edge of the carriageway if not in a designated parking space
  • using a vehicle in a car park or on the street to sell or advertise the sale of goods

You're responsible for checking all signs in or near where you want to park and must make sure that you're legally parked before leaving your vehicle.

Find out about parking regulations and restrictions in Barnet by visiting our traffweb site.  Traffweb is a searchable map tool which shows parking restrictions in the borough.

Civil Enforcement Officers

Officers patrol controlled parking zones and some busy main routes on foot, as well as by moped and bicycle across Barnet to provide a quick response to enforcement requests.

Civil Enforcement Officers don’t enforce restrictions on:

  • private land - this is a matter for the landowner
  • most housing estates
  • red routes, red route clearways, and parts of some side roads adjoining them - these are controlled by Transport for London

Dangerous or obstructive parking is a matter for the Police.

Bus lane enforcement and CCTV cameras

You’ll get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if you enter a bus lane during restricted hours which are displayed on signs: Monday to Saturday, 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm.

CCTV cameras record bus lane traffic during these times, which means you’re unlikely to get a PCN if you travel less than a car length in the bus lane.

Bus lanes on the A5 are enforced by the Council and are not on the Transport for London red route, this means that any exemptions Transport for London allow, eg motorcycles, are not valid. Please note that this includes all public and bank holidays with the exception of Christmas Day.

Parking fines

You can be issued with a Penalty charge notice (PCN) if you break any parking enforcement rule.

Civil Enforcement Officers use digital cameras to take images of vehicles that are in contravention. These images will be used as evidence in the appeals process.

If you receive a PCN, you can view images of the contravention if you have the PCN reference and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM).

Civil Enforcement Officers don’t have targets or incentives. They only issue PCNs to vehicles parked or driving illegally.

All officers wear uniforms with an identification number, and the words 'Civil Enforcement Officer' and 'Barnet Council'.

Bank holiday and public holiday enforcement

Will be enforced (Yes/No)
Parking type
Bank holidays
Christmas Day
Across a dropped kerb
All council car parks
Bus lanes
Business bays
Disabled bays
Double parking
Double yellow lines
Footway parking
Pay and display bays
Residents' bays, Controlled Parking Zones
Single yellow lines
Zigzag lines (white)
School markings
Bus stops
Loading bays

Bank Holidays include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May bank holidays, August bank holiday, Boxing Day, and Christmas Day. See full list of dates.

Report a contravention

If you wish to report a vehicle parked in contravention you can phone our 24-hour enforcement line on 020 3375 4242.

Your call will be answered by officers who'll review your report and deploy a Civil Enforcement Officer where it is deemed appropriate to do so.

We aim to respond to reports as soon as possible, however, there may be times where we cannot reach the location as quickly as we would like.

In all cases, we will endeavour to deploy a Civil Enforcement Officer within a maximum timescale of three hours.  If the Civil Enforcement Officer attends the location and finds a vehicle parked in contravention we may issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

Why we have parking and traffic measures

Parking and traffic management measures like parking places and waiting restrictions help:

  • ease congestion caused by inconsiderate parking
  • improve road safety
  • disabled users of vehicles
  • provide parking for specific users (such as residents, businesses, or blue badge holders)
  • increase the turnover of parking to help visitors, clients of businesses, and shoppers to park
  • provide facilities for loading and unloading


You can make a complaint about a Civil Enforcement Officer or the service that we provide online.

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