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School parking permit

If you are working at a school located within a controlled parking zone (CPZ), you may be able to buy permits to allow you to park in some resident permit holders bays.

Meet the criteria before applying

tick symbolYour school must be within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) where permit parking is available.

Your school is Ofsted registered.

An up-to-date School Travel Plan. A School Travel Plan is a document produced by a school that promotes sustainable ways for the whole school community to travel to and from school. It encourages walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport use and aims to reduce the number of car journeys to and from schools.

How to apply

Head teachers should email Schools.Permits@Barnet.gov.uk and we will begin to assess whether your school qualifies.

How the process works

Once we have confirmed that your school meets the criteria, we will survey the permit bays in the zone where the school is located to work out the capacity.  

Permits will not be issued if doing so would expand demand for parking spaces over 85% of those available. This will contribute to the decision as to how many permits will be available for school staff.

A recommendation will then be presented to local councillors, who will consider local circumstances and make submissions to the Environment Committee.

The committee will then make a decision whether to accept the scheme or not.

Terms and conditions 

  • Permits cannot be used in the area immediately surrounding the school. This area will be defined before the permits are issued, and will be subject to periodic review.
  • The permits are for use during working hours and term times only. We will agree these times and dates before the scheme begins.
  • If a permit is found to be used contrary to these conditions, Penalty Charge Notices may be issued and the permit may be withdrawn.

Permit allocation

Where numbers are limited, the school will be expected to allocate permits according to their own policies. Permits will only be sold with the approval of the school.


Permits cost £190 per annum.

How long the process takes

We would expect the process from application for a school to be considered to the issue of the first permit to take 4-6 months.

If you have any further questions about the scheme, please contact us at Schools.Permits@Barnet.gov.uk.

Schools already in the scheme

The scheme is currently available at Childs Hill Primary School, Rimon Jewish Primary School and Menorah Primary School.

Apply for or renew a school permit, if you have permission from your school

If you are employed at a school where the scheme is already in place, and you have permission from your school to buy a permit, you can apply online.

You will need the following to hand:

  • your vehicle registration
  • your school’s postal address
  • a valid email address
  • your V5 log book or your insurance schedule in PDF or JPEG format only - one of these will need to be uploaded to the application
  • copy of a letter on headed paper or an email confirming that you have permission from your school to apply for a permit  in PDF or JPEG format only - one of these will need to be uploaded to the application

We will then check your documents and contact you by email to invite you to make payment or to request further evidence.

If you already hold a permit, are still employed at the school and the school has not withdrawn permission for you to hold a permit then you can renew your permit online.

Renewals are available in the 30 days preceding the expiry of a permit. If your permit has already expired you will need to make a new application.

You do not need to provide evidence again in order to renew a permit, but please note that we may request it at any time.

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