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  • Parking, roads and pavements

Parking places can be suspended in certain circumstances, for example during:

  • removals
  • building works
  • utility works
  • special events

Suspending a parking place stops people from parking in it if you need to park a specific vehicle to carry out a removal.

If you request a parking suspension for the purpose of building works, vehicles may only park in the suspension parking place. We can’t suspend a bay with a waiting restriction.

We can’t guarantee that people will not park illegally in a suspended bay, but if they do they’ll get a penalty charge notice. The council can’t clamp or remove the vehicle.

Apply for a parking bay suspension

You must give us at least 5 working days’ notice to apply for a parking suspension.

Apply online giving your contact details and the:

  • location
  • reason
  • date(s)
  • number of parking spaces

Suspension fees

Parking suspensions are charged at a daily rate of £20 per day for a resident permit parking space (a 5-metre length),  and £30 per day for an on street parking permit place (a 5-metre length). There is an administration fee of £130 per application. One application could cover one or multiple bay suspensions.

You should pay in advance of the suspension being carried out. However, if payment can’t be made in advance we’ll need a purchase order number, with payment being provided shortly afterwards.

Skip operator licence

If you’re carrying out building work and require a skip you’ll need to get a skip operator licence.

MyAccount and parking services

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