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Roads and pavements in Barnet

We maintain around 750km of carriageways and footways. The full network of roads consists of 74.55km of A roads,19.90km of B roads and 670.90km of unclassified roads.

Planned road & pavement improvements 2018
Look at works and planned works for the following month in all of the 21 Barnet wards.

Dropped kerb (vehicle crossover)
Apply for vehicle access to private property by a dropped kerb (crossover).

Abandoned vehicles
Before you report a vehicle as abandoned, check what the likely indicators are first.

Winter road maintenance: gritting and snow clearance
Where we grit in Barnet, grit bin locations and how to clear snow and ice

Network Recovery Programme
£50million investment in roads and pavements between 2015 and 2020.

Vehicle access for new developments
Apply for vehicle access approval for new developments.

Drains and gullies: flooding
Report flooding and tips on how to protect your home

Street lighting and furniture
Report a street lighting fault or damage to street furniture.

Stopping up of highway
Stopping up orders are often made because the public highway is no longer necessary or to allow development to take place.

Road adoption
Road adoption is a process where a road in private ownership becomes a public road.

Moving abnormal loads through Barnet
Industrial and manufacturing business regularly need to move loads which are classed as 'abnormal'.

Report a problem with a road or pavement
If you identify any repairs that are needed to our roads or pavements, including drains, manhole covers and trees on the pavement, you can report them.


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