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Dropped kerb (vehicle crossover): lowering of pavement to park on your drive

As a resident you may need to have vehicle access to your private property from the highway. This must be done safely and legally by forming a vehicle crossing, also known as a crossover or dropped kerb.

A vehicle crossover allows residents; commercial property owners; or tenants to legally cross the council maintained footway and verges.

Crossovers are constructed in accordance with section 184 of the Highways Act 1980.

Apply for a crossover (dropped kerb)

On submitting an application form and paying an inspection fee, the size and cost of your crossover will form a legal agreement between you and the council. The applicant pays for the construction and administration costs, and the crossover is then built by Barnet’s highway contractor.

If you want to form a vehicle access to your home or premises, please complete and submit the Crossover Application Form (PDF 1.85 MB) and
Vehicle Crossover Application Notes (PDF 412 KB)

Apply for a white line in front of your crossover

If you already have a crossover and want to prevent people parking in front of it, we can provide a white crossover bar marking - a white line that runs across your driveway parallel to the kerb line. This emphasises that there is a driveway there and discourages obstructive parking.

To apply for a white crossover bar marking, please download and complete the white line application form (WORD 4.11KB) and post or email it to the contact details at the bottom of this page.
Check payment details for a white line application (PDF)

Why you might need a vehicle crossover

The law does not allow you to drive over a footway or verge unless a vehicle crossover has been constructed by the council in accordance with section 184 of The Highways Act 1980.

The crossover legally allows motorists and pedestrians safe passage when using the public footways and carriageways.

Who can construct a vehicle crossover

Only the council can build vehicle crossovers. Any work carried out on the public highway is the sole responsibility of the local authority and it is an offence for anyone else to make any changes to the public footway. Any unauthorised vehicle crossovers could cause deterioration of the footway and reduce the safety of those using the footway.

Cost of application

The initial application cost is £178.00 this includes the administration costs and site survey for suitability. A cheque or credit card for the fee should be included in your application.

Note: this fee is non refundable.

Planned footway works to my pavement

If Barnet Council is planning to carry out footway works to the pavements on your road, you will have received a letter. If you're applying for a crossover, you may receive a discount in price because of these planned works. Please note, a discounted rate is only applicable if the crossover does not affect street furniture or parking bays. For further information, please download the crossover guidance notes below.

When making an application for a crossover, please include in the application a note to inform the crossover team that you have received this letter. The team will then verify this and take it in to consideration in the application process.

Cost of a crossover construction

The cost depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. There are several external factors that can increase this figure:

  • Removal or relocation of street furniture for example street lights, trees and signposts
  • Width of the footpath
  • Size of the proposed crossover
  • Sensitivity of the road
  • Any existing highway amenity such as a tree, lamp column or any other street furniture requiring a specialist officer visit will attract an additional fee of £144.00.
  • The Legal Agreement Fee of £193.00 will be payable together with the payment for the crossover and any other associated works.

What if there's a parking bay/Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)?

Where the location of the proposed crossover is affected by a parking bay then a separate approval from the Council's Parking Design Team will be required
before the parking bay can be removed or altered to allow the construction of the crossover. There will be two additional fees associated with this process which are payable in advance and are non-refundable.

Stage 1: £1415.00  to carry out the statutory consultation process which includes the drafting and advertising of the Traffic Management Order and then
assuming all statutory requirements are met.
Stage 2: £607.00 if no objections have been received and £817.00  if objections have been received, for altering the Traffic Management Order

Crossover refusal

A crossover can be refused on a number of grounds, you can be refused a
crossing and the reasons can be very specific to a location. The points below offer some guidance to when a proposed crossing maybe prohibited:

  • In some cases your property is on a bend or at a road junction (sightlines)
  • A tree is in the proposed crossing (amenity value)
  • Street furniture or a street lamp may impede access
  • The safe passage from your property is affected by traffic signals
  • There is insufficient depth in a garden area (cars overhanging footway)
  • There is insufficient visibility

Planning permission

In some cases planning permission is also required. It is the applicant's 
responsibility to check whether planning permission will be required for their
hard standing area, and to obtain it where necessary. Planning permission is generally needed in the following circumstances, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • access is to be on a classified I tiered or trunk road
  • access is to a commercial property
  • access is to a property that is a maisonette or divided into flats
  • access is to a listed building
  • access is in a conservation area, which is covered by Article 4 Direction requiring planning permission for hard surfacing and
  • access is likely to affect a tree, which is protected by a Tree Preservation Order

If your proposal requires planning permission, then a further planning fee will be payable with your planning application.

Where planning permission has already been given a copy of the consent letter, any approved plans and the conditions must be submitted with the crossover application form.

Report an illegal crossover

If you want to report an illegal crossover please contact  020 8359 3555, Mon - Thur 9am - 5:15pm, Fri 9am - 5pm.

Report footway parking

If you want to report footway parking, go to parking enforcement.


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