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Street Cleaning

Report a litter problem

Report a litter problem online including graffiti, flytipping, overflowing bins, dog fouling.

Dropping or leaving litter in a public place is an offence. It's also unsightly.

How we keep our streets clean

  • We mechanically sweep approximately 833 kilometres of roads
  • All residential roads are swept every 8 weeks
  • We aim to empty the Borough’s 3,000+ litter bins before they become full
  • Barnet’s 69 neighbourhood shopping centres are cleaned every day.

We have town keepers in all town centres who improve the quality of life by looking after the town centres and tackling problems such as litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly tipping and fly posting.

For more information on our street cleaning service please see our  Street Cleaning Service Standards (PDF).

Deep cleansing programme

Barnet’s street cleansing teams have begun a deep clean of the borough’s streets and roads.

This programme has commenced in High Barnet and will continue across all of the borough’s wards over the next three months

Cleansing operatives will use a range of equipment including mechanical road sweepers to bring all streets to a high level of cleanliness. Residents can expect a visit from one of Street Scene’s teams who will be removing litter, weeds and detritus.

Deep Cleansing Schedule

Ward   Status
High Barnet        Deep cleansing in process
Golders Green Deep cleansing in process
East Barnet Scheduled next

Town centres

Barnet has 69 neighbourhood shopping centres, which are cleaned every day.

In all town centres we have employed town keepers who improve the quality of life by looking after the town centres and tackling problems such as flytipping, litter and graffiti.

They change all bins as required throughout the day, litter pick the pavements and use a pedestrian green machine which brushes clean the pavements and channels.

Town keepers talk to traders and residents to help familiarise themselves with community issues, such as vandalism, abandoned vehicles or trade waste problems. Each town keeper is responsible for their own town centre. They carry out an early morning patrol, report all damage and make arrangements for repairs to be carried out such as:

  • repairs to phone boxes
  • lamp columns
  • bus stops
  • bollards
  • other street furniture

Leaf clearance

During November and December we clear fallen leaves from our roads and pavements.

Trunk roads

Transport for London is responsible for cleaning the trunk road network in Barnet.

We're responsible for cleaning nearside footpaths, nearside and offside channels along with central reservations, which are all swept four times per year.

For information on recycling and waste visit our Rubbish, Waste and Recycling pages.

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