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Street party

Why not hold a street party?






There are some fantastic reasons to hold a street party in 2017 and we want to make this easy for you to arrange so that you can get on and have some fun!

The Great Get Together, in honour of Jo Cox 

In 2017, The Great Get Together in Honour of Jo Cox is promoting street parties, picnics and bake-offs in a bid to bring people together and there are loads of organisations such as Help for Heroes, Amnesty International and the RSPB are getting involved.

Other celebrations in 2017

There are many other celebrations in 2017 that might make you want to throw a party such as:

  • Good Friday
  • May, Spring and Summer Bank Holiday's
  • The Big Lunch - Sunday 18th of June
  • Queen’s 65th Coronation Anniversary
  • Mother's Day & Father’s Day

Of course, it doesn’t have to be one of these occasions. We can help with any street celebrations in our community from charity events to community gatherings and religious festivities.

What you need to do

In order to get the ball rolling, we require some information from you about the party and how you are going to organise it.

First, we request that you get together with a minimum of 3 other households to help take responsibility of your party.

Complete this simple street party form* and send it to our team at HighwaysCorrespondence@barnet.gov.uk and they'll get back to you.

*Make sure you download the form onto your desktop before filling it out.

To make sure your party runs smoothly and that we can help to control traffic use in your road. Where applicable, we will help to manage traffic by provided road closure signs at the entrance(s) of the street party. We will arrange this with you, on completion of a successful application.

Safety at street parties

We do not want to be the fun police but we do want you to be safe at the party. To ensure that risks at your event are minimised we recommend that you discuss key risks amongst the organisers and residents in advance.

  • accidents, slips and falls
  • burns such as on a BBQ
  • electricity
  • rain and other water
  • damage to equipment or breakages

Consider the following important advice:

  • Make sure that emergency vehicles can get access to the road at all times.
  • Make someone responsible for lifting any road closure barriers to allow vehicular access in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure any electrical equipment is properly earthed and connected to a circuit breaker.
  • Make sure all temporary structures such as marquees and tents are safely secured.
  • Ensure a first aid box is available
  • Use plastic bottles and cups where possible to avoid accidents

We suggest that you agree in advance that everyone should take responsibility for themselves and watch out for each other, especially children and other vulnerable people.

Is there a charge for holding a street party?

At present there is no fee payable to us for holding a street party. There is a fee for large events and those held for a commercial purpose, but small events (i.e. Street Parties and Community Events) are exempt from any fee for a road closure. Organisers will need to take responsibility for adequately signing and managing the road closure.

Will I need to close the road myself?

Yes. If you are formally closing your road, residents need to give a very clear closure to drivers and will probably need to have some 'road closed' and perhaps other signs. Organisers will need to take responsibility for adequately signing and managing the road closure. These provisions should always consider access for emergency vehicles.

You could make the signs yourself or hire them from other companies. Find out how to do this on Streets Alive

We may be able to lend these to you for a fee. Our team will be happy to discuss this further with you if you have any questions.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Although Public Liability Insurance is not required for a road closure, residents are advised to consider whether they wish to take it out. Further advice on this and on organising a street party in general is available from the national specialist group Streets Alive via www.streetparty.org.uk. We ask you to consider all of the risks and to read and complete the application form sections carefully.

Noise control

Although most residents may want to attend your street party, it is likely that not all residents in the surrounding areas will want to be disturbed by it, particularly in relation to noise.

If there are residential properties nearby, here are a few handy hints to try to ensure that everyone is happy with the event:

  1. Notify any near neighbours of your event, the time it will finish and a name and telephone number for them to contact if they are disturbed by it.
  2. If you have to talk louder against any music, then it is probably too loud for neighbours.
  3. The level of noise acceptable in the middle of the afternoon might not be as acceptable at 9pm at night. Therefore make sure the noise level is lowered later in the evening when children or other local residents might be trying to sleep.
  4. Ensure that partying does not carry on outside the area of your event and that partygoers consider neighbouring residents when they leave.
  5. If you are having fireworks then let them off earlier in the evening and not too late so that everyone can enjoy them.

Need ideas for holding your party?

GOV.UK: your guide to holding a street party 

The Street Party Site: handy check lists and top tips 

The Big Lunch: ideas for games and activities 

If you have any further questions, please call 020 8359 3555 or email us at HighwaysCorrespondence@Barnet.gov.uk

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