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Apply for building regulations approval

  • Planning, conservation and building control

You must decide on the type of application for your planned build, extension or alteration work.

Both full plans and building notice types of application need to be submitted before you start work.

Full plans

The most common type of application we receive for building works is a full plans application. You can expect a decision within 5 weeks, or 2 months with your consent.

In this case, you as the building owner or your agent or architect submit an application with plans showing full details of the work together with any relevant structural calculations.

Once we've checked your plans and are satisfied they meet the building regulations you'll receive a formal decision known as an approval notice. Please note: this approval notice may be important when seeking loans or moving home.

You'll get a completion certificate within 8 weeks of completion of the building work as long as it complies.

Building notice

A building notice is generally used for minor works to domestic properties such as removal of an internal load-bearing wall, where the person carrying out the work is familiar with current building regulations.

Work may start 48 hours after submission of the application. There's no plan checking involved before work begins and therefore we won't issue an approval notice.

It can't be used when the works will involve building over or within three metres of a public sewer.

If you're submitting a building notice you must feel confident that the work will comply with the current building regulations as when we inspect the work if it doesn't, you risk having to rectify this at your own expense.

For further guidance, please see advice leaflet here.


You can apply for 'regularisation' - retrospective approval for work already carried out without consent.

Only work carried out after 11 November 1985 can be approved in this way.

You may need to make alterations before we can agree the work complies and give you a regularisation certificate.

You may have to correct the work or pay a fine if building regulations aren't followed.

Electrical installation

Use Electrical Installation, along with the Building Notice application form, when a person registered under the Competent Person Scheme does not carry out electrical work.

Notice of commencement

Use Notice of commencement once you know the date that you going to be starting the work. Please note: that this should only be submitted if a Building Notice or a Full Plans application has already been deposited with Building Control.

This form is also included with the paper version of the full plans and building notice applications or you can download a copy here.

Notice of demolition

Notice of demolition

If you are planning to carry out demolition work to a building greater than 50m3 in volume (some exemptions apply) you will need to notify us before you start work. You can download a copy of the notification form here or use the above link to complete the form online.  The Building Act states that no one can start demolition work unless the local authority has been notified and the local authority has served a counter notice.  Demolition works may legally commence after the person intending to demolish has served a Notice under Section 80 of the Act and we have served a counter Notice under Section 81 of the Act or six weeks have elapsed since notifying us of your intention.

We are entitled to charge for the reasonable expenses of reviewing a Section 80 notice and preparing a notice under Section 81 of the Building Act 1984, and supervision of work on any site. Fees are payable by the person who has issued the intended demolition notice under Section 80  with a minimum charge of £265.00 payable with submission of this notice. Payment methods accepted included cheque or Credit/Debit card.

In order for us to process a Demolition Notice, the application should be accompanied by the following:

  • A site location plan
  • Confirmation that support to and/or weather protection of exposed parts of adjacent buildings if applicable
  • Confirmation that an asbestos site survey has or will be carried out and any asbestos will be removed by a competent, licenced contractor
  • Confirmation that the site is suitably fenced or hoarded
  • The required demolition fee
  • A 24hr emergency phone number

Certificate of Building Regulation Exemption

Download a Certificate of Exemption Form

While it should be possible in most cases to decide whether proposed work is controlled under the building regulations it is not always clear cut. For peace of mind owners or solicitors sometimes want confirmation that the work does not require a building regulation application to be submitted. As an optional service this formal reassurance can be given by applying for a Certificate of Exemption.

This option is well worth considering even if you are confident a building regulation application is not required. When a property is sold it frequently helps to have such written confirmation for potential buyers or their solicitors.

Pre application advice

For more information on this service please click here

Download a Pre-Application Advice Form

Fast Track Completion Certificates

There are occasions where a completion certificate is required urgently but not all outstanding matters have been resolved, for example:

  • A satisfactory final inspection has not been carried out
  • Conditions on the approval have not been met
  • Requested drawings or calculations have not been received or checked
  • Required certificates or information have not been received
  • Outstanding fees have not been paid

We will not unnecessarily delay things but arranging and carrying out a final inspection, checking any received outstanding items might take several weeks before a completion certificate can be issued. As an optional service we will fast track a completion certificate within 2 working days of the last matter being received.

Please note that if the works have been dormant for some time and we have placed the application in abeyance a reactivation charge may also be payable in addition to the fast track completion certificate.

Party wall: if you intend to build on or at the boundary of your neighbours property

You must tell your neighbours if you wish to carry out any building work near or on your shared property boundary. This is called 'party wall' and there are special rules that apply.

Through Re, our joint venture partnership, we can act on your behalf as party wall surveyors as part of our building control service.

Please note: party wall agreements are different from planning permission and building regulations approval.

Learn more about party wall and building work.


You can submit a building control application online via the iApply service (additional fees may apply).

Apply online via iApply


Barnet Council will collect and use the information you give us to undertake our functions as a local authority and deliver services to you. It is our responsibility to ensure that your information is kept safe. Where necessary and legally allowed, we will share your information with trusted external organisations, commissioned partners and contracted service providers in order to deliver services and support to you.

The information we collect may be used to better understand your use of our services and assist us in improving our services. This is to ensure we are using public funds in the best possible way. Under our duty to protect public money we may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of crime. For further details of how we use your information and to understand your rights please visit www.barnet.gov.uk/privacy

Comments on planning applications and the name and address of the commenter are published online. Please do not include any personal information you would not be happy to be publicly available in your comment. Please do not include personal information of others without their permission. People requesting to speak at planning committee will need to consent to their name and email address to be disclosed to other individuals who have requested to speak.


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