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Street naming and numbering

  • Parking, roads and pavements

The London Borough of Barnet is the Street Naming and Numbering Authority responsible for the naming and numbering of new and existing streets and buildings and is the only organisation that can create or change addresses within its boundaries.  Under the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act, 1939, the Local Authority has the legal responsibility to ensure that streets are named and buildings are numbered and has the powers to approve or reject building and street address suggestions submitted by developers.


Our Street Naming and Numbering service will:

  • Assign street names and street numbers to new and existing streets, houses and buildings
  • Carry out renaming and renumbering of streets, houses and buildings
  • Liaise with the London Emergency Services and Royal Mail to ensure that any proposed names or street numbers do not cause confusion to these services in carrying out their duties

Street Naming and Numbering is an important function that allows the Local Authority to maintain a comprehensive and accurate address database covering all properties within the borough.  In turn this enables:

  • Emergency Services to find a property quickly and efficiently
  • Post to be delivered efficiently
  • Visitors to locate their destination
  • Records of service providers to be kept in an efficient manner
  • All of the Local Authority’s departments to work from one official address base
  • Reliable delivery of services and goods by courier companies
  • Companies to accept an address for official purposes.  For example, insurance, credit rating, contract acceptance

Please note: Street naming applications within built-up areas may be subject to full public consultation.  Where a new road name is being sought, we will issue a full public consultation, which will allow for a period of 28 days for local residents to voice opinions or raise objections about the proposed name(s).

Retrospective numbering undertaken when a developer has failed to apply for Street Naming and Numbering but requires addresses for an existing building will be subject to charge.

The Local Authority defines all elements of an address, with the exception of the postcode and post town.  The numbers and names assigned to buildings and the official names assigned to streets are the Intellectual Property of the authority.

It should be noted that the Street Naming and Numbering process can be a lengthy one.  Therefore, it is advisable to submit an application as early as possible in the proposal stage, preferably before works commence and ideally before an unofficial name has been marketed or legal documents drafted.

How to apply

Anyone seeking an address change or the creation of an address for a new street and/or building should apply to the Local Authority, preferably electronically.  The following information should accompany the application form and must be provided in either electronic format or hard copy:

  • Site location plan – showing site location in relation to any existing streets
  • Site layout plan(s) – showing unique plot numbers and placement of front door or primary access of each plot
  • The appropriate fee
  • Where new streets are to be addressed, georeference CAD drawings
  • Accommodation schedule for large developments
  • Where applicable, internal layout plans for developments which are subdivided at floor level – showing unique plot numbers and placement of front door or primary access of each plot


It is recommended that more than one suggestion is put forward for proposals for street names and/or building names in case the primary suggestion fails to comply with naming conventions.  It is advised that at least three names are suggested, in order of preference, for each proposed new street/building.

On receipt of an application, you will receive an acknowledgment and an estimated length of time required for the Street Naming and Numbering process to be completed.  The time taken for an application is dependent on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the site and the potential need to carry out a consultation.  Major development/redevelopment sites, depending on size, generally take longer as the process is often dependent on new street names being approved.  The process is lengthened further if there are any objections to any part of the proposal.  Straightforward changes of addresses or request for new addresses can usually be processed in 5-6 weeks.

A decision notice will be issued with the new Official Address(es).  The Local Authority’s decision is final for the naming or re-naming of streets, naming or renaming buildings or the numbering or re-numbering of buildings and is at the discretion of the Head of Development Management.

To make an application, complete and submit the online application form.

Please see our Guidance Notes on our current street naming and numbering guidelines.


Application for numbering a property

Per property



Application for naming a road (Authority choice of name)

Per street



Application for naming a road (Applicants choice of name adhering to SNN Policy, with Fire Brigade approval)

Per Street



Naming or renaming of house or block of flats (Authority choice of name)

Per block/house



Naming or renaming of house or block of flats (Applicants choice of name adhering to SNN Policy, with Fire Brigade approval)

Per block/house



Naming or renaming of commercial premises (Authority choice of name)

Per premise



Naming or renaming of commercial premises (Applicants choice of name adhering to SNN Policy, with Fire Brigade approval)

Per premise



Retrospective street naming (where an application hasn't been made)

Per unit/street



Retrospective numbering (where an application hasn't been made)

Per unit/street



Numbering new developments
Fixed price plus reduced price per unit

5 to 19 units


£485 + £38.25 per unit


20 to 50 units


£1065 + £27.45 per unit


Above 50 units


by assessment


Make a payment

For credit or debit car payments, call 020 8359 4500 and select Option 1.

Where an application has been submitted online, please allow 48 hours for the application to be processed before calling to make payment.

For cheques, please make payable to the ‘London Borough of Barnet’ and sent to:

Street Naming and Numbering

Barnet House

1255 High Road


N20 0EJ

Please note: It can take up to a month after a decision is made to update our data address system which Local Land Charges use to conduct searches.


Your responsibilities

Applications should be submitted at least three months before a property is occupied.  This allows time for the new address details to be sent to relevant organisations.

On receipt of a decision notice, you should activate the new addresses with Royal Mail so they can update their records.  There is an activation paragraph within the decision notice.

All street names and numbers are required to be displayed in an appropriate manner to ensure that buildings are clearly identified for the convenience of the public and in order that the Emergency Services may attend and react efficiently when called to an incident.  The relevant street number, building name, or the combination of street number and building name should be clearly displayed and visible from the highway.  This may mean street numbers being displayed on posts, gates or fences (and not necessarily the door of the building) to aid easy identification of the building, particularly in the event of an emergency

New street names must use official street nameplates. To arrange this please contact our highways section on 020 8359 3555.

Limit of responsibility:

The Local Authority is not responsible for the following:

  • The postcode.  Only Royal Mail can allocate postcodes.  Postcodes are only allocated to buildings that are either a residential dwelling or a bone fide business address.  All buildings that are registered for business use need to be occupied during business hours and must have a mail delivery point that is secure and easily accessible for the delivery of mail.
  • Any complaints regarding correspondence and deliveries not being delivered to the correct address.  These complaints should be directed to the relevant delivery company’s customer service department.
  • Addresses being unavailable on databases used by third parties, such as retail outlets (including Internet based ones); Satellite Navigation Systems, Street Maps, etc.
  • Ordnance Survey maps or plans not featuring any buildings or streets.
  • Billing Authority Reports (BAR) are not produced by the Street Naming and Numbering department.  The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is an executive agency that is sponsored by HM Revenues and Customs, which valuate properties and advise to support taxations and benefits.  The VAO is not part of the Local Authority.  Requests for BAR’s should be issued by the Valuation Team within The London Borough of Barnet.
  • Council Tax records. It should be noted that addresses held on the Council Tax system are not necessarily the Official Address and only the Street Naming and Numbering department can advise on the Official Address.
  • The Street Naming and Numbering department is not responsible for the erection or replacement of road nameplates, please contact Highways customer service on either 020 8359 3555 or email highwayscorrespondence@barnet.gov.uk


  • Street Naming & Numbering
  • Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0EJ
  • Tel: 020 8359 4500
  • Email: street.naming@barnet.gov.uk

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