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Unitary Development Plan (UDP)

  • Planning, conservation and building control

As part of Barnet's Local Plan the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies documents were adopted by the Council on 11 September 2012. 

The Local Plan has replaced policies in the Unitary Development Plan (2006) except 13 'saved' policies for Brent Cross Cricklewood (these policies are contained within Chapter 12 of the UDP which can be accessed in the downloads section of this page).

Replacement of UDP Policies by the Local Plan

Barnet's UDP was adopted on 18 May 2006. Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 which introduced a new system of spatial planning known as Local Development Frameworks (rebranded as Local Plans by the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012), the policies within the document were automatically saved for a period of three years from the date of adoption.

In 2009 the council was required to demonstrate to the Secretary of State that UDP policies were consistent with national policy and The London Plan in order to ensure continuity in the plan-led system.

In May 2009, the Government Office for London, under the direction of the Secretary of State directed the council to save certain policies within its adopted May 2006 UDP and delete others. The UDP policies that were saved are set out below.

The Local Plan replacements for the saved UDP policies are set out in Appendix C of the Core Strategy and Appendix 3 of the Development Management Policies document.(These documents can be accessed from the downloads section at the bottom of this page).

UDP Proposals Map

The Proposals Map that formed part of the adopted UDP (2006) remains as the Proposals Map for the Local Plan subject to amendments through the Development Management Policies document with regard to town centres, safeguarded employment areas and areas of special archaeological significance as well as the area action plans for Colindale and Mill Hill East.

A revised Local Plan Proposals Map will be published following adoption of Site Allocations and North London Waste Plan documents.


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