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Stonegrove and Spur Road Estates

Stonegrove and Spur Road Estates are situated in Edgware, on the boundary of the green belt in the Borough of Barnet; bordering the borough of Harrow. Before the construction, which began in 2014/2015, the estate was comprised of approximately 600 homes built in the 60s & 70s, ranging from 11 storey tower blocks to 4 storey maisonette blocks. However, a combination of the high energy costs and poor state of the buildings led to the Borough of Barnet putting forward a regeneration proposal.

This scheme aims to create 999 homes of mixed tenure with improved living conditions and reduced rent for the residents. As well as this, the regeneration intends to improve other aspects of the local community including infrastructure (roads and transport links), educational & community facilities (such as the recently finished London Academy) and more open spaces for the people of Edgware to benefit from.

The Stonegrove regeneration scheme is being carried out in partnership with Barratts Evolution Limited and Family Mosaic with all parties expecting a completion date in 2018/2019.


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